Welcome to our Produce Department

We hand select the finest produce from around the world and from local farmers.

Only The Freshest Flavors Make It To Our Stores

Quality and freshness are our specialty in our produce departments! Therefore, whenever possible, we buy locally grown produce. When "in season" you will find our departments stocked with apples and apple cider from Burnham Orchards located in Berlin Heights, and pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupe, cabbage, peppers, and other delicious fruits and vegetables grown on Amish farms in southern Lorain county. Even when not in season locally, we make sure our produce buyers send only the highest quality products to our stores.

If you are looking for a fruit tray or fruit basket-perfect for parties and gifts-we will gladly build one to order for you.

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Elyria Apples

230 North Abbe Road, Elyria, OH  44035

Lorain Apples

1051 Meister Road, Lorain, OH  44052

Sheffield Center Apples

400 Sheffield Center, Sheffield, OH  44055

Sheffield Lake Apples

4100 Ivanhoe Avenue, Sheffield Lake, OH  44054

Wellington Apples

209 East Herrick Avenue, Wellington, OH  44090